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Princess Party Tips

Are you thinking to yourself, “How can I throw the perfect princess birthday party for my child?”  By booking a princess, you’ve already earned yourself major brownie points.  We’re here with 8 tips to make sure their special day is one to remember – for all the right reasons!

Play along!

Address the performer by her princess name. Get excited with the kids when she arrives. If you believe, they’ll believe. And remember – never, ever spoil the magic.

Don’t surprise her if you don’t know how she’ll respond.

A princess visiting your home is a big deal! Some children who aren’t expecting a princess get overwhelmed when one knocks on their door. Surprise princesses are fantastic for some; the reactions are priceless! For others, it’s best to prepare them for the excitement. As a parent, you know your child best. If you’re unsure how they will react, telling them about the princess ahead of time is typically a safer bet.

Make space on your phone or camera.

Before the party, make sure your camera or phone has plenty of space for pictures. A full memory card or a “low storage” warning on your phone may mean missing out on capturing a special moment.


Shhhh… Keep the volume level low.

The number one culprit of a less-than-perfect party is excessive noise. Loud music, bouncy castles, and loud guests (adults especially) distract from your daughter’s time with the princess. Where’s the magic in story time if nobody can hear the story? And you won’t want to miss our performers’ amazing singing voices!


Less is more; trim the guest list.

Inviting every child your family knows to your daughter’s big day may sound like a great idea. The more the merrier, right? However, often parties with fewer than 7 or 8 children make for the most intimate, magical settings. Smaller guest lists allow each child more individual time with the princess for her to make them feel special. For parties with more than 15 children, we strongly recommend booking more than one princess.


Help your little princess enjoy the spotlight.

If a guest is distracting (child or adult) from your child’s magical moments, don’t feel bad about pulling them aside and reminding them to use their “princess manners.”


Encourage dress up.

Have the birthday girl and her friends dress up in their favorite princess gowns or fancy dresses. Dressing the part makes the day even more magical. To take the fun to the next level, join in yourself and encourage the other adults to do the same!


Ask your performer questions.

Your performer wants nothing more than to make your childs birthday dreams come true. In the days and weeks leading up to the party, please ask questions, voice any concerns, and share your ideas to make your child's day extra special. We strive to spread joy and wonder by bringing dreams to life and will work with you to make every detail precisely the way you imagined it.

When the big day arrives, relax and take it all in!  There’s such a short window where children believe in magic, so savor the moment.  Both you and your child are making precious memories to last a lifetime.

Package #1


30 mins

1 character of your choice

(based on availability)

Sing Happy Birthday

Blow out Candles

Picture Taking Time

Package #2


60 mins

1 character of your choice

(based on availability)

Sing Happy Birthday

Blow out Candles

Picture Taking Time

Interactive Story Time

1-2 songs

Themed Game or Activity

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